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Home Remedies For Staph Infection on Face, In Nose etc.


Recently, i’ve been asked series of questions such as what is staph infection?, are there home remedies for staph infection?, what are the signs of staph infection?, causes of staph infection etc.

Hence this post is meant to answer those questions.

What is Staph Infection


home remedies for staph infection

Staphylococcus(Staph) is a bacteria infection that can be transmitted from person to person through different means. Staph has a long life span and can be carried for a long time by a person without knowing.

Apart from living in human bodies, staph can live and develop on objects like towels, toilet sits/floors, and underwears, and can be transferred on contact by another person.

Staph bacteria are stubborn and can overcome extreme sterilization procedures like;
– Drying
– Extreme Temperature
– Salt Cleansing
It’s possible to have Staph infection in nose, on skin, on face, mouth, genitals, anus or foot. However, there are simple home remedies for staph infection to curb them before they develop into something else

From just a simple boil on the skin, it could spread fast and develop into some deep skin scarring infection that will resist any form of anti-biotic administration.

Though, this resistance may be caused by overuse of antibiotics prior to being infected with the Staph bacteria, more
severe forms of staph bacteria like the MRSA (Methicilin Resistance Staphylococcus Aureus) can defy treatments with beta-lactam antibiotics such as penicillin, methicillin, and ampicillin. MRSA staph infection can be contagious and life threatening

A common form of Staph infection is the Cellulitis which can eat very deep into the skin of the infected person. It can have a very destructive effect on people with diabetes or a weak immune system.

However, it can be effectively treated with the use of home remedies and antibiotics.


How Do you Get Staph Infection

So, how do you know you stand the risk of contracting Staph?

There are a lot of factors that increases your chances of contracting Staph. From physical contact to exposure to contaminated fluids. The more time and frequency of exposure, the more you’re prone to contracting the Staph infection.

Check out some other factors below :


If you’ve been hospitalized for a long period within the past month or year, then you stand the risk of contracting Staph. This is due to the fact that you’re likely to be more exposed in a hospital unit than you would at home.


Patients undergoing hemodialysis stand a high risk of Staphylococcus aureus which can be transferred from the catheter used. Staphylococcus aureus infections in dialysis patients can be common in nasal carriers, with the Staph moving from the nasal reservoir to the hands and skin, and then to other contact places.

Weak immune system

Patients who have a weak immune system can have a very bad experience with Staph as the bacteria strain can quickly develop into other more server and
dangerous forms.

Residential nursing

Resident nurses in communities also stand the risk of contracting Staphylococcus due to increase access to patients who may be carriers of the bacteria.

Prison inmates

Prisoners or those Living in Prisons stand a risk of being infected with staph due to the poor living standard and high exposure to staph bacteria carriers.


Male homosexuals have been found to have a high risk of being infected with Staphylococcus due to exposure during intercourse(which is usually anal).

Sport teams

Members of sport teams can be exposed to the Stapyloccoccus infection due to sharing of wears and equipments such as boots, shorts, towels and gym equipments.

Participation in contact sports

Some contact sports such as Mixed martial arts and Rugby can increase the risk of Staph infection among players due to the high level and frequency of contact required.

Military training camps

In military training camps, trainees are subjected to very poor living conditions and exposed to different health- risky tasks when trying to simulate a war scenario.

This can usually cause an outbreak of a range of diseases including Staphylococcus in the camps.


Signs and Staph Infection Symptoms

Staph infections can be in minor forms such as skin problems and escalate into other more severe infections such as the endocarditis which infects the inner lining of your heart. This makes Staph infections very difficult to detect as symptoms can vary.

However, there are some signs of staph infection you should look out for to help you know when to seek medical attention.

Here they are :

  • Skin infections

    There are various skin infections that can be caused by Staph such as

    – Boils in the groin or buttocks,

    – Impetigo(a contagious rash),
    – Cellulitis(sores in the skin and feet),
    – Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome in children.
    – Skin abscess (collection of pus as painful lumps under the skin)
    – Wound Infection

  • Food poisoning

    This can be as a result of of eating food contaminated with the Staph bacteria. There are symptoms you should look out for such as low blood pressure, diarrhea, vomiting and dehydration.

  • Bacteremia or blood poisoning

    This  is described as the presence of bacteria in the blood. It occurs when the Staph bacteria has gained access to the bloodstream, causing fever and low blood pressure. If left unchecked, it can cause other more serious harm to vital organs, bones and nerves in the body.

  • Toxic shock syndrome

    This occurs when the Staph bacteria gains access to your body through infected bandages, tools and equipments during surgery. It is very dangerous and can cause death. Some of the popular syndromes include : fever, Nausea, rashes, confusion, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

  • Septic arthritis on the joints and spine

    This is caused by Staph infection and it can attack the spine and several joints like the knees, elbows and shoulders. Symptoms can include pain and swelling at the joints, and fever.


Home remedies for Staph Infection

There are many ways you can cure Staph at home if medical treatment is not accessible.

By using natural oils and herbal remedies, you can kill the staph bacteria when you notice any of the above symptoms before it spreads around your body and attack your immune system.
Here are some natural home remedies for staph infection you can try

Essential Oils for Staph Infection

1. Oregano Oil

If you want to reduce the inflammation and pain resulting from staph infection, simply apply oregano oil on the area affected about four times per day until you start seeing improvements.

oregano oil for staph infection

2. Tea Tree Oil

To treat staph infection, mix (1 tablespoon) of tea tree oil with (2 teaspoon) of honey on the affected part and cover with bandage or thin cloth. Endeavor to change the bandage every 4 hours.

tea tree oil for staph infection

3. Eucalyptus Oil

This special type of oil can be applied directly on the affected part. Furthermore, you can also make a Eucalyptus tea by putting (4 drops) of eucalyptus oil in (1 cup) of warm water

Eucalyptus oil for staph infection

4. Castor Oil

This can stop inflammation and kill bacteria around your body. To use castor oil, simply Warm some of the oil on a cooker, apply on areas that are infected, and bind with a thin cloth or bandage

Castor oil for staph infection


Herbal Remedies for Staph Infection

This are very essential to kill the bacteria from the inside.

5. Plantain Root Juice

Staph can be treated naturally using plantain roots. Simply cut some plantain root into pieces, pound it a mortar, press out the juice and throw the chaff away.

Mix (1 bottle) of the juice with (half bottle) of honey and take (3 desert spoonfuls) daily.

plantain root for staph infection

6. Basil leave juice

You can cure Staph by applying the juice from crushed basil leaves on the affected areas multiple times per day. You can also prepare green tea by boiling the leaves in water. This will help kill the staph bacteria from inside out.

Basil leaves for staph infection

7. Bitter melon

This will help strengthen your immune system to fight against the staph infection. To apply, slice 2 bitter melon and grind with a little water. Squeeze out the juice and drink in the morning before breakfast. Also apply on the areas affected.

bitter melon for staph infection

8. Garlic

Applying crushed garlic in the area infected with staph can help achieve some results. You can also garlic in your daily foods and drinks. Simply eat more garlic until your condition improves.

garlic for staph infection

Other home remedies for treating staph infection

9. Coconut Oil

10. Golden seal powder

11. Ginger powder

12. Turmeric powder

13. Witch hazel

14. Apple cider vinegar

15. Echinacea

16. Onion

17. Sea Salt

18. Nut Meg

Note that you may have to seek medical treatment if the symptoms become severe.


home remedies, staph infection

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  • Hi,

    Thank you so much for the post. It is really educative. May God bless you. I have been during a study on mrsa for sometime now, especially getting a perfect natural remedy as it appears most orthodox antibiotic, even the newer once are becoming resistance. Please have you been able to cure someone with heavy mrsa growth with any of these remedy. Will appreciate if I can get your phone number so I can give you a call.

    Have a blessed day.

  • Dear Ife,

    I need help this thing is driving me crazy after 10years of visiting to the hospital am yet to get off the hook of staph.

  • combining garlic, plaintain root and d last one u mentioned, is it to boil it 2geda or squeeze out the juice as in without boiling?

  • I used raw honey on a non stick gauze and taped it as airtight as I could on my 2 year old. Leaving it overnight until even bath soak, I don’t know if it helps but used kosher salt in his bath. On the first day of having the gauze the honey drained the boil completely and it had a bruise around the area that was inflamed. Second day the infection had completely flattened I ever so gently pulled on the skin close to the side of the site and only a small amount of blood oozed out. Besides the rash he has due to the reaction of the honey and he has had eczema before, the infection is almost completely gone! What’s left is a dark bruise and not more infection! Give it a try it worked for my baby!

  • Hello. Could you tell me what should be used for staph bacteria in the nose and throat. My grandson has allergies and chronic rhino sinusitis and had a nose and throat culture done and has the bacteria in his nose and throat. He was on antibiotics for years and the bacteria is resistant to antibiotics. He has both non allergic and allergic rhino sinusitis and nothing works to rid him of the bacteria in sinus cavities, nasal passages and throat.

  • My daughter, 9, gets staph boils repeatedly, on her legs. Now she has one that started on the inside of her nose, along the septum. Does it have to drain? What won’t cause ‘burning ‘ sensation?

  • pls how can I get rid of my own staph it has been moving all over my body for months now and I have been using different type of medication but non is working pls help me out

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