Increase Breast Size Naturally Fast at Home Without Surgery

Increase Breast Size Naturally Fast at Home Without Surgery

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Sexual Stimulation to Increase Breast Size

During the process of lovemaking, There is often a rush of hormones such as progesterone, oxytocin etc. This temporary surge in hormonal level can actually be harnessed to increase breast size naturally.

A good way to achieve this is to have your partner lavish a lot of attention on your nipples and boobs during and after the lovemaking session. Gentle massaging of the breast during the session will improve blood circulation thereby getting the hormones into your breast tissues to enhance their sizes

A further effort will be to go for a workout or breast exercises immediately after the intense attention has been given to the boobs during lovemaking session

Proper Breast Massage to Increase Breast Size Without Surgery

Massaging the breast is not a recent practice, it is an “easy to use” technique which has been studied for centuries and admired for its numerous benefits of generally improving breast health.

When proper technique is applied, breast massage has the ability to increase breast size without surgery among many other numerous benefits it has to offer.

Well, maybe you are like me and have been wondering

How exactly will breast massage work to increase my breast size?

This is how it works…

When proper techniques are used and the right procedure is followed, breast massage improves the breast health and the general health of the body by producing both emotional and physical benefits through two (2) responses

Relaxation response:

This is the involuntary movement of the nervous system to the massage techniques and touch.
It helps to lower the production of stress hormone, reduce blood pressure, and increase serotonin (chemical that positively affects emotions and thought).

All these work together to reduce the risks associated with stress such as anxiety, insomnia, sexual dysfunction,  hormonal imbalance etc.

Mechanical response:

This is the physical effect that happens in the body when pressure is applied to the soft tissues of the breast.
It causes increased blood and lymphatic movement in and around the breast. When this improved circulation occurs, oxygen and nutrients are properly delivered to the muscle cells.
As cellular health improves, tissues function more efficiently, giving strength to the suspensory ligaments and muscles which will in turn lead to increase both in fullness and buoyancy of the breast

3 Important Tips to note before massage

  1. Find time for massage: Create a special time possibly on daily basis for the breast massage therapy. (My recommendation is immediately after bathing for about 10 to 15 minutes)
  2. Get naked! Or stay naked if you are already stripped off, Remove tight fittings (jewelries that could get in the way): Not only that this is important for the breast massage, but it is also a great opportunity for you to look at yourself with loving eyes. You may even decide to stay in front of the mirror to increase the potency of your sexual self love and acceptance. We all have one body, love the one you are in
  3. Position yourself: You may stand, sit or even lie down depending on whatever you think will make you relaxed. Just make sure you are comfortable enough and your posture is upright (not slouched)

Now you are ready to start the breast massage.

Apply natural breast massage cream on your palms and rub it together to produce heat and uniform distribution. (You may only rub your palms together to generate heat if you don’t have a breast massage cream or oil).

The reason I often recommend the use of genuine natural breast massage cream is because the breast will absorb the nutrients from the natural cream (through dermal absorption) and then make it readily available to the muscle cells and tissues for firmer breast and breast enhancement.

Here are some cutting edge techniques of breast massage that produces result.

#1 The Female Deer Breast Massage Technique.

massage to increase breast size

Place the warm hands over the breast; lightly rub in upward and outward circles. The two hands travel together up the inside of the breast (around the cleavage) towards the face, then outwards, downwards, inwards and upwards again.

Lightly chafe the skin with circular motions with the nipples at the centre of the circle. Do not hold the breast and move them- skim the surface of the skin.

#2 Lift and shape massage technique

lift n shape massage to increase breast size

For the right breast;

Hold down the right breast with the left hand by placing your nipple in between the index finger and the middle finger.

With two fingers of the right hand, massage the breast from the nipple out and continue in a clockwise motion until you’ve gone round the breast

For the left breast;

Hold down the left breast with the right hand by placing your nipple in between the index finger and the middle finger.

With two fingers of the left hand, massage the breast from the nipple out and continue in a clockwise motion until you’ve gone round the breast

#3 Swirling motion Technique

swirling massage to increase breast size

For this technique, the right hand fingers is placed on the right breast, and the left hand fingers on the left breast, Then you proceed in a swirling motion circling around the whole breast

#4 Rolling the Breast Technique

rolling breast

With your warm hands containing a uniform layer of massage cream, Cup the right breast with the right hand up and the left hand at the bottom.

Roll breast back and forward as if you are rolling a ball.

Repeat the same procedure for the left breast.

#5 The Pumping Technique


For the right breast, span your fingers over the breast. Right hand first followed by the left hand (as shown above). Then move upwards in a pumping motion.

Repeat the same procedure for the left breast.

The tendency of your breast size to increase naturally with massage hinges on this major thing:

Your ability to follow the right procedures and use the proper massage techniques

20 thoughts on “Increase Breast Size Naturally Fast at Home Without Surgery

  1. I am a – A cup size and would really love to increase my breast size to a B cup..Please help me to achieve this. by massage. How often per day must i be massaging and how quick can I get results.

  2. I am a b cup I want my breasts to become a d cup I really hope this works because I want to make my classmates jealous because of my breasts

  3. For make bust bigger i am using boobpop which is helped to my bust firm up and it helped me keep my breasts while the rest of me lost weight.

  4. I used boobpop and I have noticed a difference not quit in size but definitely I’m volume and shape, my bf finally knows I’m using them lol after his “quit a few” comments of your boobs are getting bigger, I feel spilled the beans lol

  5. Hi I was a becoming a C with my second son, but now in still a B cup but i keep getting smaller and I am a thick girl with wide shoulders so it looks completely uneven. I am desperate to become at least a D or DD cup. Since hitting puberty I’ve always had a small chest for my body so i always wore big shirts and hoodies you cover my chest cause i never could look feminem in girls or women’s clothing. Even now at 26 years old i still can’t cause I’m uncomfortable with my cheesy but don’t want surgery what can i do to go up to a DD?? Gaining weight Never goes to my chest, only the rest of my body, if i exercise i get smaller, alcohol won’t don anything either and herbs over tried for 2 months and nothing showed.

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