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Home Remedies To Reduce Swelling, Swollen feet, Edema


Home Remedies For Swelling

Here some home remedies you can try to get rid of swelling and edema naturally.

Supplement with Magnesium

Studies found out that supplementing with magnesium can get rid of symptoms associated edema. Foods that are very rich in magnesium includes dark leafy greens, nuts, seeds, fish, beans, whole grains, avocados, yogurt, bananas, dried fruit, dark chocolate.

magnesium for swelling

However, if you prefer to take magnesium supplement, the daily value (DV) recommended is about 400mg taken in divided doses of 200mg twice a day. Note that caution may apply if you’re pregnant. It’s advisable to talk to your doctor about what your nutritional needs are and the best way possible to get rid of swelling on your feet.

Try Yoga

Regular exercise is known to help blood circulation around the body. Instead of just sitting or standing in one place, walk around and do some exercise to keep fit. Learn some new yoga poses and try them at home.

yoga for swelling

If they’re too difficult to do, find a yoga instructor or simply join a yoga class.

Dip your feet in Tonic Water

Oddly, Tonic water can help to reduce swelling on your feet.This is because Tonic water contains quinine which can help reduce inflammation.

Take a warm bath

Make sure the water isn’t too hot before using. Take your sponge and gently massage the swollen part of your leg in a circular motion. Try this for at least three days and watch the results.

Essential Oils Remedy for Swelling

Along with your warm bath, you can add some drops of grapefruit essential oil into your bathing water and massage along.

essential oil

Another option for using essential oils as home remedies for swelling is to just mix grape essential oil with olive oil and massage your swollen feet with the mixture. Use a soft cloth or hand towel to rub the mixture on the affected part in a circular upward motion until it feels soothing.

Other home remedies for swelling options using essential oils includes; peppermint oil, mustard oil and almond oil

Salt water Bath and massage

This is a very simple home remedy for swollen feet. If you’re having edema on your feet and ankle only, adding salt to your bath water will help to relax your muscle. You can choose to have a salt bath or just make some salt water in a bucket and massage along.

Go for a Massage

This is a very important one of the home remedies for swelling especially if you’ve not seen positive results with other methods outlined above.

massage home remedies for swollen feet

Maybe you’re too careful about your leg or just don’t know how to rub. Getting a professional massage will be your best bet.

Elevate your feet

This home remedy for swelling works best especially if the swelling is as a result of injury. Since the fluids causing edema are always moving downward, elevating your swollen feet when sitting can help to reduce swelling.

home remedies for swelling

You can elevate your swollen feet by dropping it on your office desk or some tall pillows at home. You can lift your legs as high as your chest level if you want.

Go Swimming

This can help reduce the swelling on your ankles and feet even without trying. Swimming is a good exercise for your feet, and the pressure from the water splash can help reduce the swelling in some way.

Drink more water

Since salt and water are the biggest constituents of the edema fluid, you can do something to reduce the excess salt in your body. Taking more water per day will work magic for you and help to  get rid of swelling

home remedies for swelling

You can also go creative by adding some slices of cucumber and lemon (two fruits with anti-inflammatory properties) to your glass of water.


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