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Home Remedies To Reduce Swelling, Swollen feet, Edema


There are several home remedies for swelling which are very effective. It is however essential to have a brief knowledge of swelling before we discuss how to reduce swelling fast.

What is swelling?

Swelling is often described as an abnormal enlargement which can appear on the feet or some other part of the body as a result of pain, injury or excess fluid in that particular part of the body.

Furthermore, swelling can be experienced in various parts of the body such as; ankle swelling , legs swelling, lungs swelling, eyes swelling, gums swelling , face swelling, abdominal swelling, breasts swelling, etc.

This swelling around the body is recognized medically as Edema.

Often times, edema may start from the feet and begin to spread to other parts of the body, from just a simple swelling in a particular area of your body to an acute painful illness that may require urgent medical attention.

Natural Remedies For swelling

Classes Of  Swelling/Edema

There are different classes of this swelling(Edema) around the body, namely :

  • Peripheral Edema : This is the swelling of the ankles and feet which is common among pregnant women.
  • Pulmonary Edema : This is a condition where the swelling occurs in the lungs due to accumulation of fluids.
  • Periorbital Edema : This is a condition where the swelling occurs around the eyes.
  • Massive Edema or Anasarca : This is when the swelling occur in several other parts of the body such as the gums, lymph glands, the joints, face, breasts, abdomen, etc.

Normally, a swelling on the feet or around the body is normally a symptom of sickness or a sign that something isn’t right with your body.

However, there’s a clear line between a simple swelling and Edema. While the former may not result to anything serious, the latter can result in some life-threatening conditions like ulcers.

Causes of Edema

There are different causes of edema which includes infections to the liver, heart, kidney and other glands responsible for fluid balance in the body. Once these glands begin to malfunction, the fluid balancing may fail, allowing salt and water to be retained and passed down to other body tissues, causing a “swell”.

An example is the pulmonary edema which is a direct result of heart failure. In this case, the heart loses its pumping efficiency which may cause fluids to leak from the veins in the lungs into the air sacs, causing difficulty in breathing.

Other causes of swelling or edema include :

Chronic lung disease

Several lung diseases like the COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) or chronic bronchitis can cause edema which is as a result of pressure in the vessels circulation blood. This pressure can cause fluid to escape into other surrounding body tissues leading to swelling of the feet.

Sitting or standing for a long time

This is common among stay at home mum and security guards who spend most of the day either sitting or standing. The swelling in this case is called the orthostatic edema.

The Use of medications

The use of different medications such as oral contraceptives, blood pressure drugs and anti-depressants can cause edema and swelling of the feet. This is usually the side effect resulting from the use of such drugs.


During pregnancy, as the foetus develops and the uterus expands, putting pressure on some organs which in turn, causes increased blood pressure in the ankle and feet area. This can cause fluids to escaped into other tissues around the leg, leading to swelling and edema. This is usually common in the last trimester of pregnancy.


Most times, swelling and edema may be as a result of minor or major injuries on the feet and ankles. A sprain or any hit affecting the muscles can cause the legs to swell.


This is a condition where a patient has a blocked lymph vessel due to either infections, trauma or surgery. As the case of heart and lung infections, fluids can leak back and cause swelling around surrounding vessels.

Blood clot

Patients suffering from blockage of blood vessels owing from blood clots in the veins can suffer edema. Like in other cases, a blocked blood vessel will result in the accumulation of fluids and eventual leaking out to swell other surrounding body tissues.

There are other confirmed causes of edema which includes allergies, malnutrition, hormonal changes, and over exposure to sun heat.

This means, you can play a part in preventing edema if you are aware of all these causes. You can even try out some natural home remedies for swelling if you want.

However, in some cases of edema, such as pregnancy and organ malfunction, it’s best you focus your medication on the root cause or seek professional advice; especially in the case of pregnancy.


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